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To Better Understand Boys, Read Tom Sawyer

The world of men and boys had always felt foreign to me. I suspect one reason why is that I didn’t grow up with a brother.  Even so, while I served in the military I thought myself attuned to the guys by virtue of being immersed in a masculine culture. But several years later when I had my son, my delusions about how well I understood the opposite sex were once and for all set straight: I didn’t get it.  Continue reading

The Crucible Experiment: Chapter One, Part Two

This is part of the draft for the book I’m writing, “The Crucible Experiment.” I’ll continue to post excerpts as I continue to write. 

The crowd dissolved into complaints and speculation over who had ratted out the fight. Our tight throng scattered like spilled paper clips in a race to make it back to VMA in time. I later learned that some cadet—still unknown who exactly— had called the Officer of the Day from the Foxhole and reported the fight.

But I had Edwin deal with. I went over and helped him to his feet as everyone around me ran off. Mel pulled at my shoulder.

“Carla, we’ve got to get back to the academy, they’re going to shut the gate. Get him up and let’s go.” Continue reading