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The Crucible Experiment: Chapter One, Part One

Here is the first part of the draft for the book I’m writing, “The Crucible Experiment.” I’ll start posting excerpts as I continue to write, and I would love to hear your thoughts. 

If you want to hear how it all happened Mr. Montgomery, I have to start at the beginning, a few days before The Crucible. It was Thursday night liberty; a cold front had just blown in— I remember because the air felt cold and wet and I’d forgotten my gloves. I had gone out with my roommate Mel and nearly all of our Virginia Military Academy class. When nineteen hundred hours came around, many of us ventured the mile walk east out the main VMA gate into the Triangle town square. We would make an odd sight walking in droves down the shoulder of a country road in uniform, but the Triangle locals passing by are used to seeing us.

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Book Review: The English Patient

Last month, I watched “The English Patient” on HBO for the first time. I remember trying to watch it years ago and thinking it was boring; I was a teenager of course and not mature enough for the “high-brow” storytelling style.  This time around I had the opposite reaction from years ago, and I admit that I haven’t been so moved by a story in a long time. The movie led me to Michael Ondaatje’s book on which the movie is based.

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Book Review: The Road Ahead, Fiction from the Forever War

People sometimes assume that the best war stories are fact based. Logic tells us that truth is more authentic than fiction. But Adrian Bonenberger and Brian Castner challenge that assumption in a new anthology of short story fiction, “The Road Ahead: Stories of the Forever War.

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