My Favorite Books in 2016

Rather than create a top ten list, below I’ve listed the books I read this year that I loved, either because the book was a page turner or– as is more often the case– because I gained a new perspective that I could not have otherwise.

I stuck to popular titles that I found available for free in the public domain or through my library. I hope there are at least a few titles that are new to you, that you can enjoy in 2017.  

  1. Bringing Up Bebe  Funny memoir about French Parenting
  2. The War of Art  No nonsense self-help book about creativity
  3. Catcher in the Rye Classic first person narrative; deadpan humor; fast read.
  4. Brave New World Classic dystopian novel.
  5. Foxcatcher Memoir about the murder of olympic wrestler Dave Schultz.
  6. No Place to Hide Book by journalist who broke the Edward Snowden story.
  7. Unbroken Book about olympic athlete and WWII POW Lou Zamperini
  8. The Book Thief  Historical Fiction set in WWII; protagonist is a 12 year old German girl.
  9. Gone Girl Page-turner thriller about a missing wife.
  10. It’s What I Do Memoir about war photojournalist
  11. Harry Potter Series Complement the books with the movies; or vice versa!
  12. Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness Memoir about New York Post journalist with rare auto-immune disease.
  13. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Hilarious classic about boyhood.
  14. The Importance of Being Earnest Hilarious classic play about English society at the turn of the century; fast read.
  15. Seabiscuit Story of depression-era Americana and her favorite horse.
  16. The Martian Action packed science fiction
  17. The English Patient Epic WWII story about love, loss, and identity; fast read.

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