Monthly Archives: January 2016

Decorating a Big Event? Make a Visual Handout!

I was in a good mood when the volunteer sign up sheet for the Chinese New Year festival came to my table.  I felt so optimistic that I volunteered to be the lead for decorations.  It hasn’t been terribly time consuming, though I know that will change the day before the big event.  But I’m still optimistic.  At this early stage, I’ve managed to delegate many of my tasks because I made… a handout.

Here’s how I made my visual handout. Continue reading

Math Competition in Mandarin

I can’t think of a better way to express how far we’ve come in learning Mandarin than to share with you the school math competition.

Just before heading out on winter break, the Principal organized a math competition open to all grades.  It hadn’t occurred to me that the competition would be in Mandarin, even though we’re at a Mandarin immersion school.  Obviously, I was wrong.  Even the math symbols were in Mandarin.   

You might be thinking, gee, it must be hard to help your kid for a math competition in Chinese.  You’d be right.  True, I have caught on to a few things.  But I’m quickly getting left behind.       

Everything else was what you might expect.  The Kindergarteners only had to perform addition up to 20 and, much to NB’s dismay, the contestants could not use a cheat sheet.  But NB tried asking for one anyway.   

Total NB competition time: 15 minutes.  This in exchange for an hour of waiting to compete, competing, and waiting for awards.  But we all had a good time.  Just look how happy NB is!  Sometimes, this kid just isn’t in the mood for a picture.